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Why DM? DM words (Dictionary with 1000 words) is created to solve many immigration issues for governments, companies who deal with foreign labor force and basic needs in everyday life for all groups of immigrants. Immigration issues People face challenges in everyday life and moving abroad can be a real obstacle for some of them as it affects their way of living and being. Learning the language is the main step to understand the importance of integra... more

We believe that learning 1000 words and trying to use them in simple sentences could be very helpful to overcome the fear of communicating in a foreign language in everyday life. DM words has published a very special vocabulary dedicated specifically to immigrants worldwide. The dictionary contains 1000 words and 300 sentences included into 33 chapters and divided into 7 categories. Currently, our dictionary is translated into 30 languages. To see how ... more

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People continuously face challenges on every field of life, learning a new language is one of a kind. Depending on circumstances, defining the right methods to learn a new language is much more complex than that because not all criteria and tips are suitable for everyone. This is the main reason that pushed me to find a solution that is suitable for all immigrants who are interested to learn and face new challenges... more

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