How to learn a new language?

How to learn a new language?

People continuously face challenges on every field of life, learning a new language is one of a kind. Depending on circumstances, defining the right methods to learn a new language is much more complex than that becau se not all criteria and tips are suitable for everyone. This is the main reason that pushed me to find a solution that is suitable for all immigrants who are interested to learn and face new challenges.

Features and statistics

Our tools give an easy access to the right needs. We provide a content which is suitable to everyone and give the most useful words and sentences to help everyone become more confident when interacting with others. Users can access content very easy in all devices. Navigation is made very simple to find all content only within a few clicks.

The dictionary has 1000 words and 300 sentences included in 33 chapters divided by 7 categories. Currently, DM words is translated into 24 languages. You can switch to any of those and combine as you wish, users can find information in their own language and display language as well.


DM words is made for people who do not have any knowledge at all in any second language and as well for those who already have some basic knowledge and are looking to learn more.

Many other existing services are made for people with educational background who already understand English, their tools with questionaries are complicated because they can be frustrating to those who do not have basic knowledge. DM words is made simple to be used by everyone.