What is integration in Finland

Integration is a term which has different meanings, so experts give independent thoughts and opinions as there is no accurate definition but nevertheless when we talk about foreigners or immigrants then we can say that everyone has an idea and purpose of which goes in their own interest and the community towards the education path.

From my point of view, integration is a process of adapting and gaining new knowledge into a new society that goes into personal and society interest by solving various problems that challenge us in everyday life. On the other hand, integration is an educational process that covers the lack of knowledge that differentiates between cultural, socio-economic, technological and other services, as well as exchanges the experiences that people have faced in their daily life from their countries of origin.

In the next version we will bring even more details about understanding the issue of integration as this is the fundamental basis in all issues in everyday life living in a foreign country. However, if you look at the examples we have provided to help you better understand the issue of integration, we will be greatly to assist you in tracking the course in this process.

Faton Krasniqi