Support and benefit

Sponsors will be important player to maintain this project. As the materials we provide to readers will be free, while sponsors will be those who will give us the courage to develop the idea further into a large platform. As the part to support this project, we are offering services to companies and special local government based on what they need in certain areas.

In the beginning, we have divided sponsors in several groups based on the language such as:

  • Main sponsors that will support all categories of one language
  • Sponsors who will support a specific category
  • Sponsors who will support an article
  • Advertisement to be placed on dedicated parts reserved for businesses

Supporting this project based in the idea mentioned above will bring benefits to all immigrants, companies in advertisement and government to handle easier immigration issues.

While the idea of this project was born within the Diaspora project, for the moment the main sponsor is

If you would like to be a sponsor or just advertise on a specific page, please e-mail us at or call us +358 40 837 4680.