The methodology how to learn a foreign language as an immigrant

As in every field of life we face different challenges, as well learning a new language there are different methods how to approach to the right path. Because of different circumstances, I can't say exactly what is the most appropriate method for learning a language but there are some criteria and priorities that positively affects. Just to keep in mind, even those criteria are positive, they don't fit to everyone therefore I am trying to find a solution which is suitable for all immigrants who are interested to learn and of course face new challenges. Below are listed several methods.

Language courses

Language courses are amongst the most used methods from immigrants to start and follow the process of integration which language is the most important part, but their ideology and success often fail to each other for different reasons. To give a better clue in this case, I am taking some examples by dividing into two groups: a) advantages and b) weakness

a) Advantages

  • Courses encourage students because they think it is the right place to learn a new language
  • Ideology and program that contain courses have many positive features such as they contain many things that are needed (how much will we use those content?)
  • Evaluation and obtaining a certificate positively stimulate students

b) Weakness:

  • Participation in big groups with over 10 students who have different ages and education backgrounds it doesn't fit to all, including some other issues as well
  • Learning language in daily long hours and as well be in language courses for over one year, create frustration to many students and that's one reason why they lose focusing on following
  • Curriculums that follow all grammar rules do not positively impact because most immigrants they are interested to learn language for use in their daily life and there are many cases who doesn't even understand well the grammar of their own language


Going through those critics or suggestion, I don't want to convince anyone to leave or follow language courses because my idea is to find a solution for those who tries to find the right way on learning a new language. As I mentioned, there are advantages and weakness but to reach the goal, have to take in consideration the needs of immigrants in their daily life and some other issues which affect a lot because of background, growing, society etc.


Learning language at work has shown good results because people face different challenges. This method has positive impact in society and most of immigrants learn spoken language which in fact is used in daily life. As an advantage in this case, I would mention practice to talk and as weakness when immigrants work only with people who speaks only their own language, which make for them very hard to learn the new language even living for many years abroad.


Society can play a good role and reflect a positive impact if there is included diversity in speaking the language where people are living. Often groups in society speak their own or English as a common language which in fact affect to a long term getting used to find solutions on their needs. Talking in three languages in daily life would be very useful since it makes you feel your own things in culture issues than, the language where you live which is useful for daily needs and of course English make sense to keep in trend modern civilization.


Learning the language in family environment could create a positive impact but this is a bit difficult for immigrants since everyone would like to talk their own. The best way in this case is to follow children which they grow in a different environment following schools, new friends etc.


Learning language by using media would play a very positive impact and opportunities are open to everyone. Concrete facts have shown great success in this field, including language learning through television, radio, press, and especially internet. The internet will be a specific case as the opportunities across the web are provided and the materials are of all kinds. In your own computer, you use many terms daily and if you have a deeper focus on language then the ability to learn faster is open. Since internet has made a revolution also materials for learning a new language has a lot.


Regardless of which method you will use, each has its own positive impact. Important in those methods is to encourage immigrants trying to use the best method which it fits to them because as I mentioned in beginning, it depends the way how the people understand and their background. As an advice it would be a good way to try few of them and compare which it fits for you. In the cases when you make mistakes in talking, don't think so much about that but follow to improve skills and step by step knowledge with raise and learning will become easier. Good luck.

by: Faton Krasniqi