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Faton Krasniqi in Finland: Seeking to bring information closer to Kosovo Diaspora 

As one of the many young people from Kosovo, Krasniqi was able to excel in his career while living abroad. He has been a part of the Kosovo Diaspora for more than 10 years. While living abroad, he founded, which is one of the largest portals that offer services to Kosovars living in the abroad. 

After finished his degree in math education at the University of Prishtina, in 2002, he immigrated to Germany in order to continue his studies at the Bergische University of Wuppertal. Being a foreign student, Krasniqi tried to learn the German language, in order to be able to study at the university. Due to his financial situation, however, Krasniqi had to cancel his plans. He returned to Kosovo and started working as a math teacher. Although, Krasniqi could not finish his studies in Germany he has good memories of his
time there. The rich educational and cultural experience that he gained in Germany laid a sound foundation for his career. 

Krasniqi does not reveal much about his private life. He says that Finland offers many opportunities to keep him busy, and that he always tries to give his maximum. Apart from his work at, Krasniqi often engages in voluntary work at Albanian and other foreign organizations. One of those activities that he especially enjoyed was working at a local radio station in Helsinki. He moderated radio programs in Albanian language. 

Faton Krasniqi / Albina Makolli

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