Why DM?

DM words (Dictionary with 1000 words) is created to solve many immigration issues for governments, companies who deal with foreign labor force and basic needs in everyday life for all groups of immigrants.

Immigration issues

People face challenges in everyday life and moving abroad can be a real obstacle for some of them as it affects their way of living and being. Learning the language is the main step to understand the importance of integration into destination society, therefore our dictionary will help this group of people to better understand and solve the issues they face during the whole process of integration.

Usually, the main reason of moving abroad is to find a job and for companies dealing with foreign workers it can be a real barrier to communicate with them. We are then trying to give the best tips on finding an easy solution and facilitate everyone’s life.

We have designed an efficient system to help motivate everyone in this long process of learning a new language and so develop their communication skills and easily meet their needs. We expect from everyone to learn at least basic knowledge of the chosen language.

Target groups

As mentioned above, our main target groups are immigrants who move abroad to live, work, study or more. We believe that our system offers much more options for everyone and we can prove it by taking an example from our research.

Based on our research, many foreigners who move abroad to work or study they do not try to learn the language of the host country because they manage to communicate in English as it is in fact the standard language used by everyone. English language can be very helpful but neglecting the language of your host country could be a real obstacle to integrate into society and DM words is willing to help you overcome this.

Features and statistics

Our tools give an easy access to the right needs. We provide a content which is suitable to everyone and give the most useful words and sentences to help everyone become more confident when interacting with others. Users can access content very easy in all devices. Navigation is made very simple to find all content only within a few clicks.

The dictionary has 1000 words and 300 sentences included in 33 chapters divided by 7 categories. Currently, DM words is translated into 24 languages. You can switch to any of those and combine as you wish, users can find information in their own language and display language as well.


DM words is made for people who do not have any knowledge at all in any second language and as well for those who already have some basic knowledge and are looking to learn more.

Many other existing services are made for people with educational background who already understand English, their tools with questionaries are complicated because they can be frustrating to those who do not have basic knowledge. DM words is made simple to be used by everyone.